Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Blue sapphire and its effects and advantages

What is a blue sapphire?

A blue sapphire is one of the naturally occurring gemstone which is generally composed of corundum, it is aluminum oxide. It has a touch of cobalt and some other metals which provide the alluring and chromatic touch to it. It is generally found in the igneous rocks and in alluvial deposits. Blue sapphire gemstones have the substantial flicker and have the tenacity of displaying different colors.

Effects of wearing sapphire:

According to Vedic astrology and Vedic studies Blue sapphire signifies the planet of Saturn. It is often said that if it is appended in the finger than an individual can achieve great heights. The gemstone gives quality effect to assiduous individuals. If you are a workaholic then you can surely append this stone and gain the optimal success as it has been said by individuals making Blue Sapphire Gemstone in Ontario.

How to wear blue sapphire:

It is being advised by astrologers to append 3-6 carat of blue sapphire if you are willing to do so. The transparent blue sapphire from Ceylon is sure to bring you the best and desired results. In order to activate the gemstone you need to dip the ring in a cup of milk along with honey and pure water and after it is done you need to chant a few mantras and where it in the middle finger.

Advantages of wearing blue sapphire:

If it is append it can cure bone cancer along with kidney trouble, nerve diseases and paralysis. Such a stone will bring the individual wealth along fame repute in the market, health and happiness, prosperity, a long life, mental peace and so on. In a nutshell it can be said that it makes a person get rid of various diseases and more importantly it is something which promotes a well being of an individual.

Professional individual who can append blue sapphire:

Individuals who are in the field of medical practice like doctors along with surgeons, mechanical engineers, mechanists, astrologers and it can also benefit people who are in the fields of dance, drama, film and martial art.

Metals which are being used for setting blue sapphire:

An individual who choose to wear this stone should get hold of stone that are at-least couple of carats and ideally at least five carats. This type of stone should be set in rings made of steel or you can get used to asta dhatu, it is nothing but an alloy comprising of eight metals.


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