Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Yellow sapphire and its several benefits!

Yellow sapphire gemstone is considered to be one of the beautiful gemstones, next to diamonds, the yellow sapphire is known to reign supreme among a number of gemstones accessible. It is also as pukhraj, this exclusive gemstone has a number of beneficial qualities for which it is widely and popularly used by most of the people.

Yellow sapphire gemstone is popular for its exclusive healing properties apart from being known as a lucky stone which helps to improve financial status. Basically this particular stone suits to all start signs as it is quiet safe and has no ill effects. It has a rich citron color and is soft in texture.

The sapphire stone is a symbolic representation of the planet Jupiter which is considered to be the planet of excesses. Compared to the other planets, Jupiter is enormous and so it is considered to be the epitome of wealth, good health, honor, fame, concentration, success and fame. This quality gemstone has a large significance among numerous gemstones. It was considered to have exclusive properties to ward off evil spirits. It was has the capability of warding off the evil spirits. It is also beneficial for those people who frequently suffer from cold, cough, and has kidney problem. The stone is popular to strengthen the immune system of the body. It also improves the flow of blood from the body and enhances the function of pancreas and liver. It also improves concentration and helps in acquiring academic success. It is mostly worn by the businessmen’s in order to have profits to the business. The stone is worn on the index finger of the right hand and is usually worn on Thursdays in order to get its unbeatable benefits.

This particular gemstone is found in many countries like Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar, and among all these places the Srilankan sapphire is considered to be as the most prominent and distinguished gemstone.
A real and genuine yellow sapphire stones should be spotless and without any blemishes. It is important not to select stones that are having cracks and lines. The cut and clarity of the gemstone is equally essential while purchasing pukhraj stones.

Though sapphires are accessible in several colors like red, green and blue, but the yellow color sapphire stone is considered to be as the auspicious one. You can contact rudraksha collection, as they offer all kinds of original gemstones. And not only stone they also offer rudraksha mala, Rudraksha Beads etc. For more information you can log onto their website.